ATA Fall Forum :: September 8-10, 2013 in Toronto, Canada

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2013 ATA Fall Forum
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Telemedicine is one of the most powerful tools healthcare providers can use to improve patient care, increase access and lower costs. It is a proven solution to many of the systemic problems in our existing healthcare system.

The ATA Fall Forum in Toronto will showcase specific ways that telemedicine is improving healthcare's biggest challenges, including:
  • Reducing Re-hospitalizations, Emergency Room Visits and Improving Quality and Outcomes Through Effective Remote Patient Monitoring Systems
    Incorporating technology into programs that focus on the unique needs of  the medical frequent-flyer.Successful uses for telemedicine in transitions of care including the discharge and post-hospitalization process.
  • Building A National Campaign to Promote Telehealth and Merging Telehealth and Telecare: Lessons from the UK
    How the United Kingdom has successfully used technology to provide coordinated aging services and home health care for seniors and manage the high costs and ever-changing technologies around remote patient monitoring
  • Building Sustainable Telehealth Networks of Scale
    Alternative business models for building a large-scale, sustainable telehealth networks from hub-and-spoke to collaborative systems
  • Engaging Consumers, Reducing Costs and Improving Care through Patient Portals
    Best designs and successful incentives to achieve provider and patient buy-in
  • How Big Data and Analytics are Transforming Healthcare
    Real world examples utilizing digital health data with business and remote technologies to provide high quality and cost effective healthcare
  • Getting Paid for Telehealth
    A survey of best practices from around the world, looking at the experience of others in paying for and regulating telehealth

  • Proven Strategies for mainstreaming mHealth into Clinical Workflows
    Integrating mHealth into clinical practices by providers, hospitals and health systems
  • Overcoming the Provider Shortages 
    How telemedicine is being used to help solve challenges associated with primary care and specialist shortages
  • How Virtual Care Can Improve Access to Quality Healthcare
    Success stories of health services being delivered remotely in a wide variety of environments and how virtual care enables health professionals to widen their reach to patients in a cost-effective manner

Toronto's CN Tower
Included in your registration
ATA Fall Forum Exhibit Hall

The Fall Forum Exhibit Hall features 50 of the top telemedicine and mHealth vendors, showcasing products and services that are successfully being used to address the issues described in the Forum program.
Exhibitors at the 2012 Fall Forum
Pre-Meeting Training Course
Best Practices for Building Your Telehealth Program
Coordinated by the Arizona Telemedicine Program and the Ontario Telemedicine Network

Attendees at the 2012 Fall Forum
Learn about some of the key elements for success in establishing or expanding telemedicine applications from the experience of two of the largest telemedicine programs in North America.  In this course, Canadian and U.S. experts will discuss telemedicine and telehealth technology and networking, legal and regulatory issues, clinical applications, facility design, business, research and assessment.

And while you're in Toronto...

The Toronto International Film Festival

The 2013 ATA Fall Forum coincides with the world-renowned Toronto International Film Festival. This is your chance to see the year's best early-release films and to run into Hollywood celebrities. Come to Toronto for top-notch telemedicine education; stay for world-class entertainment!  Tickets to all Film Festival activities are sold separately and ARE NOT included in your ATA Fall Forum registration.
Toronto International Film Festival Website

Come to Toronto to hear the best and brightest leaders in telemedicine and learn how remote healthcare technologies can fix healthcare around the world.

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