Fall Forum News

A multi-faceted program filled with opportunities to network and learn

Nearly 500 telemedicine leaders met in Palms Springs, Calif., for a in-depth conversation about practical uses of telemedicine for chronic care management. Exhibitors represented companies with products and services which addressed this rapidly-growing market.

The backbone of the meeting was a groundbreaking report on ROI associated with tackling the problem of chronic care using telemedicine applications. The landmark study was spearheaded by Dr. Rashid Bashshur & colleagues from the University of Michigan. Bashshur, one of the field's most respected leaders, conducted the research which reviewed hundreds of studies and concluded that telemedicine held incredible promise for improving outcomes for critical and chronic care patients - a significant return on investment.

Because 75 percent of healthcare spending is directed at chronic care patients, the discussion was serious and robust, tackling topics like hospital readmissions, policy, emerging technologies, building networks and utilizing big data.  Telemedicine is poised to play a critical role in reigning in the costs and addressing access and quality issues.

Presentations will be available for purchase through the ATA Learning Center soon!