International SIG

The mission of the International SIG is to:

  • Serve as a central focal point and forum for sharing knowledge in International Telemedicine.

  • Provide advocacy for International activities, projects and programs.

  • Provide guidance to countries establishing their own associations.

  • Provide a platform for discussion on International standards

ATA International Telemedicine Fund

ATA has established a special fund through which individuals and organizations can donate funds to international telemedicine charities.  The Fund will support international telemedicine activities, projects and organizations that have been approved for support by the Fund’s Steering Committee, and whose mission is consistent with the tax-exempt purposes of ATA. Currently, there are 3 organizations that have been approved to receive donations:

The list is subject to change at the discretion of the Steering Committee, as set forth in the Fund Charter.  The approval process for accepting new organizations as beneficiaries of the Fund is being established.

All donations shall be directed to projects, activities or organizations through written grant agreements that specify the terms and conditions under which the funds may be spent, and establish the legal restrictions and limitations of the use of the grant funds.

Contributions to the Fund will be accepted from ATA members, corporations, foundations, private individuals, and other organizations desiring to support the Fund.  Donors may request donations be directed to specific projects or organizations that are on the list of approved organizations.  In such cases, the donor’s request will be honored, unless the Steering Committee determines said request is imprudent, infeasible or illegal.  At the donor’s option, a rejected request may be returned to the donor or applied to another suitable, approved project.Donor’s wishing to make contributions to the Fund should contact Perry Maison, ATA’s Director of Finance and Administration, at 202-223-3333.

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SIG Leadership

Maurice Mars, MBChB, MD
Professor of TeleHealth
University of KwaZulu-Natal
Durban, KwaZulu-N, South Africa

Vice Chair 
Andre Petitet, MD, Anaesthesiologist
Head of the CATEL International Commission
International Expert/Consultant for Telemedicine and eHealth

Immediate Past Chair 
Mark VanderWerf
Director of eHealth
Nonin Medical, Inc.
Plymouth, MN