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Who is ATA?

The American Telemedicine Association is the leading international resource and advocate promoting the use of advanced remote medical technologies. ATA and its diverse membership, works to fully integrate telemedicine into transformed healthcare systems to improve quality, equity and affordability of healthcare throughout the world. 

 Established in 1993 as a non-profit organization and headquartered in Washington, DC, membership in the Association is open to individuals, healthcare institutions, companies and other organizations with an interest in promoting the deployment of telemedicine throughout the world. ATA is governed by a Board of Directors, which is elected by the association's membership.

Vision Statement

Telemedicine will be fully integrated into healthcare systems to improve quality, access, equity and affordability of healthcare throughout the world.

Mission Statement

The mission of ATA is to promote professional, ethical and equitable improvement in health care delivery through telecommunications and information technology. This will be achieved through the following means:
  • Educating and engaging government, payers and the public about telemedicine
    As the voice of telemedicine, ATA is recognized throughout the world as the primary authority about telemedicine and actively works with Congress, the administration as well as with other governmental bodies to eliminate barriers to the use of telemedicine.

  • Providing a clearinghouse of information and services for both newcomers and experienced professionals
    ATA’s Annual Meeting is the world's largest scientific meeting and exposition focusing exclusively on telemedicine with hundreds of presentations, posters and workshops. ATA’s website,, is a primary resource for telemedicine news and information. 

  • Fostering networking and collaboration among allied interests in medicine and technology
    ATA sponsors Special Interest Groups, Discussion Groups and Regional Chapters that address topics related to the advancement and application of telemedicine within specific areas and allow ATA’s members to meet and discuss critical issues among peers 

  • Promoting research, innovation and education
    Fostering academic research is critical to the growth of telemedicine and an important mission of the American Telemedicine Association. ATA aims to partner with the leading telemedicine-related peer-reviewed journals to provide our members with the latest and most relevant research in the field. 

  • Developing and disseminating policies and standards
    ATA is creating the basis for assuring uniform quality in the delivery of remote healthcare services. Activities such as the creation of practice guidelines and standards, accompanied by the development of individual credentialing programs and work with accreditation bodies help guarantee the best healthcare, regardless of location, to payors and consumers.

  • Ensuring a strong financial basis for the association to support operations 

  • Creating consumer awareness and support


ATA is a mission-driven, non-profit organization. The driving force behind ATA’s activities is the safe and equitable deployment of telemedicine. While ATA shall strive to maintain a vibrant and growing organization, achieving the mission also requires freely sharing expertise and building coalitions with other organizations such as medical societies and professional and trade associations.  

National Headquarters

American Telemedicine Association
1100 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 540
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 202-223-3333
Fax: 202-223-2787