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This Month in Telemedicine Videocast

This Month in Telemedicine is the #1 telehealth videocast providing the latest industry news and public policy updates on issues impacting the use and deployment of telemedicine including remote clinical services, mHealth and online consultations.

ATA accepts digital ads and sponsored voice overs that would be of interest to This Month in Telemedicine viewers. Ads must be sized at 1920 x 1080 pixels, and have a resolution of 300 DPI.

There are two digital ad spots and one sponsored voiceover spot available per videocast.


•  $2,000: Static Digital Ad occurring in one of the slots (first come, first serve) after the CEO’s message
•  $2,500: Sponsored Voice Over at the front of this show, e.g. “This month’s video series brought to you, in part, by (your company/organization name)”
•  $3,500 – Exclusive claim of both ad spots for segment (includes sponsored voice over)
•  $5,500 – Total of (3) ad slots for dates of your choosing (based upon availability; includes sponsored voice over)

To purchase ad space in ATA's This Month in Telemedicine video series, contact Jessica Washington at

Watch the latest This Month in Telemedicine videocast

This video series and all archived recordings are free to the public. Click the player below to watch this month's "This Month in Telemedicine" videocast. 

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