ATA's Accreditation Program for Online Patient Consultations

Accreditation Process

ATA’s Accreditation Program for Online Patient Consultations recognizes U.S. entities that provide real-time, online patient consultations directly to patients and meet specific standards established for the Program. The Program accredits consultation sites, services and organizations that are directly visible to consumers and patients. The Program’s Standards, developed in conjunction with leading experts in the field, are based on best practices, expert consensus, and federal and state regulations. Online organizations found to be in compliance with Program Standards will earn a 3-year accreditation and may display the ATA Accreditation Seal, a symbol of quality and organizational commitment to delivering high quality and safe online patient care. 
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Accreditation Process Overview 

Registration and Eligibility

Organizations will begin the accreditation process by submitting an online registration form for review. Information gathered on the registration form will be used to determine the Organization’s eligibility for participation in the Program. ATA will notify the Registrant of its eligibility status and for those deemed eligible the Organization will be sent an application packet. The Program is open to members and non-members.

Application Packet

As part of the application packet, the organization will receive this Accreditation Process Overview, as well as the Accreditation Standards, ATA Administrative Rules & Terms, Fee Schedule, and Application Form. Compliance with all Standards and Administrative Rules and Terms is required to achieve and maintain ATA accreditation. All Organizations submitting an Application and supporting documentation after February 1, 2016 must use the revised Standards of Accreditation (effective February 1, 2016).

Application Submission

To apply, an Organization must complete the Application, prepare all required documentation, and submit these, as well as payment of accreditation fees, to ATA. Applications will be processed when all materials and fees have been received.

The Application and documentation must be submitted to ATA in electronic format. Word, PDF or Excel documents are required. When scanning documents, please select pdf format as a black/white text to keep the size of the documents to a minimum. If scanned as pictures, files are created as jpg files, which can be several MB in size and difficult to send or transfer. All documents must be clearly labeled with the associated substandard number of the “Standards and Guidance” document.

Review Process

ATA will conduct a preliminary review to ensure that all required information and fees have been received. If the Application is missing any information or documentation, ATA will allow the Applicant a period of time (as determined by ATA) to provide the missing items. The survey will be scheduled when all required documentation is deemed complete.

An ATA surveyor will schedule the online and demonstration review with the Applicant’s contact. Upon completion of the survey, the findings will be processed into a Survey Report and shared with the Applicant. Any areas of non-compliance will be identified, and the Applicant will have a period of time to correct the non-compliant areas and provide evidence of the correction(s) to the surveyor.

Accreditation Decision

Once the survey documentation has been completed, a final review of the survey results will be conducted. Based on the information provided by the Applicant, the data collected during the survey process, and any corrective actions submitted, an accreditation decision will be rendered by the Accreditation Commission. The results of this decision will be sent to the Applicant.

Approval of accreditation means that ATA has determined that the Organization is compliant with standards based on the review of the information/documentation collected during the application, survey and corrective action process. Accreditation does not constitute an endorsement of the Organization’s practices or a guarantee of the quality or safety of its telemedicine consultations. Applicants approved for accreditation are considered Accredited Organizations and will receive a formal letter of approval for a 3-year accreditation period.

Applicants that do not achieve full compliance with standards will receive a formal notification letter and final report with information on identified areas of non-compliance. These Organizations may reapply for accreditation once all non-compliant areas have been corrected.

Annual Accreditation Report

All Accredited Organizations are required to submit an Annual Accreditation Report and Annual Reporting Fees. The Annual Report form will be sent to the Accredited Organization approximately 90 days prior to the Organization’s accreditation anniversary date and is due back to ATA, along with the Annual Reporting Fee, no later than 30 days prior to the anniversary date. The Annual Accreditation Report is due prior to the beginning of years two and three of the Organization’s accreditation cycle.

Accreditation Renewal

An Accredited Organization must submit a Renewal Application and Application Fees, and undergo a renewal survey and review process for continuation of accreditation for a new 3-year cycle. ATA will notify the Accredited Organization prior to the due date of the Renewal Application. 


For questions regarding the accreditation process, please contact ATA at (202) 223-3333 or at 

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