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2013 Annual Awards
The ATA President's Awards, ATA Industry Council Award and SIG & Chapter Achievement Award are presented annually in order to recognize substantial contributions toward the advancement of telemedicine. A full list of previous winners is available here

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2013 ATA President’s Awards

Indvidual Award  
Supported by Jay Sanders, MD of The Global Telemedicine Group

Rashid Bashshur, PhD
Rashid Bashshur, PhD
Professor Emeritus, Department of Management and Policy
Director, UMH Telemedicine Core
University of Michigan
President Emeritus, American Telemedicine Association
Ann Arbor, MI

Since the early 1970’s, Rashid Bashshsur has been a catalyst for the development and evaluation of telemedicine systems in the United States. While at the National Academy of Sciences (Institute of Medicine,) he was consultant to the Office of Economic Opportunity on the use of telecommunications to support rural health programs. He served as a member of the study section on health care applications at the RANN Program (Research Applied to National Need) of the National Science Foundation. The NSF awarded him a grant to evaluate a telemedicine program in rural Maine and to access the status of telemedicine nationwide. He organized the first two national conferences on telemedicine, whose proceedings were published as Telemedicine: Exploration in the Use of Telecommunications in Health Care.

Over the past two and a half decades, Dr. Bashshur has served as senior consultant to numerous telemedicine projects, agencies and governments, including, the Navy, Bell Laboratories, the Office of Technology Assessment, the Department of Defense, and several foreign governments. He is the founder of the National Consortium for Telemedicine Evaluation, based at the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

Dr. Bashshur has published extensively on telemedicine, maintains an active speaking schedule, and works closely with policy-makers at institutional and national levels. Dr. Bashshur co-founded Telemedicine and e-Health, a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal. 


Institutional Award  
Supported by AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc.

Project Echo
University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, Project ECHO
Albuquerque, NM

The mission of Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is to develop the capacity to safely and effectively treat chronic, common, and complex diseases in rural and underserved areas, and to monitor outcomes of this treatment.

Project ECHO is a transformative model of medical education and care delivery that can expand treatment capacity and increase quality by ensuring that every provider is practicing at the top of his or her competence using the latest knowledge and by reinforcing team-based care as efficiently as possible.

Project ECHO is funded in part by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and has received support from the New Mexico Legislature, the University of New Mexico, and the New Mexico Department of Public Health.


Innovation Award  
Supported by InTouch Health

Safe Helpline
Department of Defense
Safe Helpline Mobile App

The DoD Safe Helpline app provides sexual assault survivors in the military with worldwide access to tools and resources to help self-manage the symptoms of sexual trauma.  Sexual assault is a personal and destructive crime and many survivors wish to access support discreetly and privately. This app addresses these unique needs confidentially (all data is stored within the app) and can be used without internet access.

The app features an interactive self-assessment tool (“PLAN”), which allows users to evaluate trauma symptoms through six basic questions. At the end of the assessment the app provides a list of recommended exercises to help manage these symptoms.  Some of the exercises include grounding, guided visualization and breathing techniques.  Catering to both male and female survivors, users can select audio in either gender’s voice.

The app can also connect a survivor to the Safe Helpline and local military and civilian sexual assault resources worldwide.

ATA 2013 Humanitarian Award
Supported by GlobalMed

Lopez Family Foundation
Jennifer Lopez and the
Lopez Family Foundation

The Lopez Family Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of women and children. The organization advocates and invests in policies and programs that make a positive, measurable impact on communities.

Over the last three years, the Lopez Family Foundation has made strategic investments in telemedicine to provide greater access to quality healthcare for otherwise underserved mothers and children. The Foundation has launched telemedicine centers in two high-need hospitals in Puerto Rico, providing on-demand access to teleradiology and telegenetic services. Patients and healthcare providers in Puerto Rico can now connect with clinical experts from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for consultations, second opinions, specialty services and medical education. The Lopez Family Foundation has also constructed a pediatric telemedicine clinic in Panama, and plans on expanding into other Latin American nations.

Supported by AT&T

Peter Killcommons, MD
Peter Killcommons, MD
Chief Executive Officer
San Francsisco, CA

Medical entrepreneur Peter Killcommons is a CEO dedicated to helping others. An active philanthropist, Peter Killcommons has traveled around the world and participated in a number of charitable enterprises. He donates a significant amount of time and resources to various causes, improving communities one project at a time. 

As a doctor, Peter killcommons has offered his medical services in many war-torn and underprivileged villages. He personally visited Acomet, Afshar, Nangahar Public, Nangahar University, and Mogul Khan Memorial Hospitals in Afghanistan, assisting Rotary International in its humanitarian missions. Killcommons also sailed with the USNS Comfort, a hospital ship, on a trip to Peru, to which he donated
time and equipment as they performed medical, surgical, and dental work at no charge for local villagers. In support of the United States military, Peter Killcommons traveled to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait to provide medical assistance. He is the only CEO of a medical company to personally enter war zones to determine definitively whether or not his company was meeting the needs of soldiers.

As a businessman, Peter Killcommons founded Medweb, garnering recognition from the San Francisco Chronicle for spearheading the integration of medical imaging with the internet. CEO of Medweb since 1992, Peter Killcommons runs the medical imaging, teleradiology, and telemedicine company’s various divisions, including its organized philanthropy program. Through Medweb, Peter Killcommons has offered support and resources to Pens for Peace, a charity delivering much-needed writing utensils to Afghan schoolchildren.

SIG & Chapter Achievement Award
Supported by UnitedHealth Group

ATA Business & Finance SIG
Nancy Rowe
Director of Telemedicine
Northern Arizona Regional Behavioral Health Authority
Flagstaff, AZ
Vice Chair
Debbie Corlin 
Chief Administrative Officer
UCLA Department of Pediatrics
Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA 
Los Angeles, CA
The Business and Finance SIG is the largest ATA SIG, with over 240 active members, and has made significant contributions to ATA’s mission over the past year. The SIG advanced ATA’s mission by promoting the business of telehealth through extensive outreach, working with key telemedicine stakeholders to develop resources and educational opportunities for ATA members.  In 2012, the group delivered high quality, well attended monthly education programs, addressing important areas such as telehealth reimbursement, HIPAA regulations, and FCC’s Healthcare Connect Fund. 

Student Paper Award
  • Cost-Effectiveness of a Telemedicine Program in 5 Common Pediatric Diagnoses in Rural Emergency Departments
    Nikki H. Yang, DVM, MPVM, PhD(c)


Poster Awards

Judged Poster Award Winners

  • Joslin Vision Network Pediatric Diabetes Eye Care Program in Caracas, Venezuela: Five Year Follow-Up
    Kristen M. Hock, OD
  • Using Telemedicine to Prevent Rehospitalization in Very High Risk Patients with ESRD
    Patricia J. Jordan, PhD
  • eBehavioral Health Support for the Rural Emergency Room
    Donald Kosiak, MD, MBA, FACEP
  • Community-Engaged Development of a Telemedicine Pilot
    Deborah Meyer, PhD, RN

People’s Choice Award

  • Using Secure Mobile Technology to Support Soldier Reintegration and Rehabilitation
    Holly Pavliscsak, BS, MHSA