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Co-Located Partner Meetings
ATA is pleased to host the following partner meetings, co-located at ATA 2013 in Austin.

Participation in the events below is subject to availability and may involve separate registration. Please read each event's write-up for additional information.

Sunday, May 5
Universal Service Administrative Company 
Rural Health Care Program Training
Sunday, May 5
Austin Convention Center, Third Floor, Room 6A/B
Pre-Registration Required

The Universal Service Fund’s Rural Health Care (RHC) Program has $400 million a year available to provide reduced rates for telecommunications services and broadband access for the provision of health care services in rural locations—including  HIT and remote access to medical care. This full day presentation will focus on new developments in the RHC program, including the new Healthcare Connect Fund and the new online application management system, My Portal.
RHC staff will lead a comprehensive training on the Healthcare Connect Fund, including information about eligibility, program requirements, and the application process for individuals and consortia.
The presentation will also feature a demonstration of My Portal. RHC staff will explain how to register and log-in, explain how to navigate My Portal, and guide applicants and service providers through the process of filing forms and submitting invoices.

Pre-registration is required

For more information, visit or email


Telemedicine and e-Health 
Editorial Board Luncheon
Sunday, May 5
Austin Convention Center, Third Floor, Room 10B
By Invitation Only

The publication Telemedicine and e-Health is an official journal of the American Telemedicine Association. The editorial board convenes each year in conjunction with the ATA Annual Meeting. 

Monday, May 6

Healthcare IT News
Connected Care At A Crossroads:
How Integrated Healthcare Systems Are Using Telemedicine to Coordinate Care

Monday, May 6
7:30am - 8:45am
Austin Convention Center, First Floor, Ballroom B
$35 Early Bird | $45 Regular | $55 Onsite
(Includes breakfast)

Supported by AT&T 

Many of today's large healthcare networks are truly integrated, bringing together providers and payers to bridge the gap between healthcare and health management. But with dollars at risk through the payer side, these organizations are looking at coordinated care – specifically, telemedicine – to support that bridge. Join a panel of executives from three leading integrated healthcare systems as they examine how telemedicine is helping to create a model of healthcare for the future.

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TexLa TeleHealth Resource Center
Strategic Planning Meeting
Monday, May 6
Austin Convention Center, Third Floor, Room 10C

The TexLa TeleHealth Resource Center invites anyone with an interest in telehealth/telemedicine activities in Texas or Louisiana to this special luncheon. For more information please contact Debbie Voyles, Director of TexLa TRC at 877-391-0487. 

Tuesday, May 7
Face to Face Meeting
Tuesday, May 7 
Austin Convention Center, Third Floor, Room 10C
Federal Employees Only

“Fed-Tel,” is a cross-federal workgroup on telehealth that includes membership from agencies and offices across the Federal government who have an interest or investment in telehealth.  The purpose of this group is to reduce organizational silos with respect to telehealth, facilitate telehealth education and information sharing amongst the members, coordinate funding opportunity announcements and other programmatic materials, and summarize the key telehealth activities of the participants. This meeting is restricted to Federal employees only, and will provide an opportunity for the members to meet face-to-face to continue the work of the group.