Industry Executive Sessions

Convening the C-Suite – Corporate Insights from the ATA Industry Council
ATA 2015 Industry Council Executive Sessions

Join’s Chris Seper and Neil Verselas as they interview ATA’s key executives from top corporations convene seven panels over two days to tackle the issues facing this growing and diverse industry.

Industry Council Executive Sessions co-sponsored by ATA and

The video recording of these sessions will be available on ATA website. 

These sessions are open to all attendees (Please note, CE credit is not available for these sessions)


11:00AM – 12:00PM - Consumers First: Issues and Opportunities

Over the past few years telemedicine services have become available as a direct consumer service. It continues to attract new entrants to this approach from independent for-profits companies, hospitals and even local providers. It has also brought issues with medical boards, health systems and payers. What is the future? Where are the opportunities for growth and the limits to such growth? What is the best roadmap to avoiding obstacles and dealing with the issues that stand in the way?

Michael Laskoff

American Well
Roy Schoenberg, MD, MPH

Henry DePhillips, MD
Chief Medical Officer

UnitedHealth Group
Michael V. Bess, MD
National Medical Director, Telehealth | Optum


1:15PM – 2:15PM - The Growing Market for Specialized Care

The use of telemedicine to provide mental health services, ICU monitoring, hospitalist, dermatology and other specialties are growing.  Most specialty services are provided under contract with a traditional provider network as an outsourced services but in some cases compete with local providers as well.  What is uncertain is the future growth opportunities.  What specialties services are growing in their use of telemedicine?  Is the future in this space for independent service providers or a continuing of outsourcing with brick and walls providers?  What issues and opportunities face this space?

Woodrow A Myers Jr, MD

Tim Wright
VP Strategy and Service Line Development

Specialists on Call
Molly Reyna
EVP, Clinical Operations

Nima Mowzoon, MD

Paul A Geary III
VP Sales



3:00PM – 4:00PM - Current Trends Driving Telehealth Adoption

The market for telehealth is growing but unevenly.  There are new opportunities and changes in the world of medicine and technology.  Where are the areas of fastest growth?  What are the opportunities for traditional healthcare providers and traditional technology companies to take advantage of this growing market?  What are the obstacles need to be overcome and the unique challenges? 


John Jesser
Vice President & GM, LiveHealth Online

Jennifer Farrell
VP of Government Services

Jerry Kolosky
Senior Healthcare Advisor

Manu Varma
Head, Marketing & Strategy


4:15PM –5:15PM - What’s Hot, What’s Not – Telemedicine Markets Around the World

The growth and use of telemedicine is a world-wide phenomenon.  From sub-Sahara Africa to downtown London other countries are making enormous investments in telemedicine.  Where are the hot spots today and in the next five years?  What opportunities are available for U.S. healthcare to provide services in other countries?  Where are the unique approaches and roadblocks that need to be overcome?


Honglu Han

AMD Telemedicine
Dan McCafferty
Vice President, Global Sales & Corporate Development

Lancelot James

Ron Emerson, RN 
Global Director of Healthcare - Global Director Public Sector Market Development

Liu Yong, MD



11:00AM – 12:00PM - Telemedicine, Video and HIT: Where’s the partnership?

Telemedicine presents a particular challenge for those navigating Meaningful Use II and the future of Meaningful Use III. It involves multiple providers in geographically distant locations often with competing EHR systems that are not interoperable.  Older systems are not able to import images or videos as a seamless component of their technology.  How can these problems be overcome?  How is video being integrated?  Are EHR companies entering the telemedicine market or remaining as a technology vendor?


CareClix Telemedicine
Sunil Budhrani, MD

Stefano Migliorisi

Amnon Gavish, Sc.D.
Senior Vice President, Vertical Solutions



1:15PM – 2:15PM - Networks and Platforms: Where are We, Where are We Going?

The telecommunications industry has evolved and is looking to take advantage of the enormous opportunities presented in the telemedicine marketplace.  Many companies have stumbled, investing in new product launches only to see them fall away.  Where are the greatest opportunities that lay ahead?  For organizations providing telemedicine and for start-ups in the telemedicine space, how can they best partner with telecommunications companies?


Mathew Taylor
Senior Solutions Strategist & Architect

Joe Gough
Business Client Executive

Drew Schiller
CTO & Co-Founder

Nancy Green
Global Practice Lead – Healthcare Marketing & Thought Leadership



3:00PM-4:00PM - OEMs and Resellers – the Future of Telemedicine Devices

With increased scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration, innovations from new entrants, growth in international markets with unique regulations and increased use of off-the shelf products the world of telemedical equipment companies have become increasingly complex and difficult.  How do companies respond?  Where are the priorities and winning strategies to remain successful and profitable in a chaotic market?

Jason Goldberg

Nonin Medical
Mark VanderWerf
Vice President of OEM and eHealth


VITel Net
Robert M. Kolodner, MD
Vice President & Chief Medical Officer