Accrediting Safe, Online Health Care Services

ATA’s Accreditation Program for Online Patient Consultations recognizes organizations providing online, real-time patient health services that comply with operational, clinical and consumer-related standards.  The program promotes patient safety, transparency of operations and adherence to all relevant laws and regulations.  Approved organizations proudly display the ATA Seal of Accreditation, a benchmark to assure patients, payers and consumers that the organization’s online patient consultative services meets the standards and guidance established for the program.

The program has been developed over the past two years in consultation with providers, medical societies, consumer groups, payers and regulators.  The program is designed to guide organizations toward quality, safety and excellence. Accreditation provides validation and increased confidence to private payers, employers, government regulators and consumers. Organizations earning the ATA Seal of Accreditation will be publicly acknowledged and widely promoted.  


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