Education Tracks

Clinical Services

This track is designed to showcase clinical applications across the spectrum, ranging from full-scale implementations to new methodologies that focus on specific clinical services and how they impact hospitals, primary care, subspecialty care, long-term care, and other key components of the healthcare spectrum and highlight specific clinical outcomes.

Direct-to-Consumer Strategies

The goal of this track is to showcase all aspects of direct-to-consumer telemedicine and telehealth, including patient portals, asynchronous sub-specialty services (using store and forward patient data), synchronous live video visits, and commoditized services.

Operations and Implementation

This track is aimed at showcasing early and full-scale programs and service lines and how these are internally deployed for successful operations, long-term functionality and scale with a focus on the process to gain integration and adoption for sustainability.

Value (Business Strategy and Financial Management)

The goal of this track is to demonstrate value to the entire health ecosystem.