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We are united in urging rapid movement toward resolving the duplicative systems for licensing doctors and other healthcare professionals in the United States. Increasingly mobile and connected consumers should not be hindered in selecting the best healthcare because of state boundries. Likewise, healthcare systems should not be thwarted from linking specialists and clinics into an efficient and effective system of care. The patchwork of state-by-state licensing creates a mire of costly red tape and has become an untenable barrier for both providers and patients.

Resolving this problem will improve patient choice, better ensure consumer safety, cut costs and alleviate regional healthcare shortages. It will also remove a barrier to interstate commerce that restricts the growth of an important industry that helps meet bipartisan goals of health reform. 

We call on Congress to fix medical licensing for 21st century America!


Signatories of this petition will be shared with Congressional leaders, State Medical Licensure Boards and Federal Healthcare agencies to show that we are united for national licensure and quality healthcare across America!

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