This course is designed to provide guidance and assist organizations and stakeholders interested in pursuing ATA Accreditation for direct-to-consumer clinical services. The workshop will focus on the interpretation and intent of the Accreditation Standards and provide tips for preparing a successful Application for Accreditation.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • Describe the accreditation process and related milestones for developing organizations and those seeking renewal of accreditation
  • Interpret the “Standards and Guidelines” in a manner consistent with the application of those same standards by Surveyors and Commissioners
  • Select appropriate evidence as required by established compliance indicators for each of the Accreditation Standards

Time:   3 hours

Speaker:   Doug Clarke, Director, Accreditation Programs, American Telemedicine Association 

Registration Fee/Cost:  $185.00 per person*

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A group discount is available when 3 or more individuals attend from the same organization—Contact ATA Accreditation staff for exact pricing.