ATA Fellows

Each year the association elects members of distinction as new ATA Fellows. Election to the American Telemedicine Association College of Fellows is a high honor that recognizes significant achievements in telemedicine, service to the general telemedicine community, and service to ATA.

Class of 2014

Class of 2015

  • Dena S. Puskin, ScD

  • Barb Johnston, MSN, MLM

  • James P. Marcin, MD, MPH
    Pictured with 2013-2014 ATA President 
    Edward M. Brown, MD

  • Bernard A. Harris, Jr., MD, MBA, FACP, Director/President and CEO, Vesalius Ventures, Inc., Houston, TX

  • Edward M. Brown, MD, CEO, Ontario Telemedicine Network, Toronto, Canada

  • Richard S. Bakalar, MD, Managing Director, Healthcare, KPMG, Lone Tree, CO

    Not pictured

  • A. Stewart Ferguson, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, AFHCAN, Anchorage, AK

  • Mark A. Goldberg, MD, President and Chief Operating Officer, Parexel International, Waltham, MA

  • Hon Pak, MD, FAAD, Chief Medical Officer, LongView International Technology Solutions, Clarksburg, MD

Class of 2012

  • Jerry Cavallerano, OD, PhD

  • Karen S. Rheuban, MD

  • Scott Simmons, MS

Class of 2013

  • David Balch, MA

  • Pramod Gaur, PhD

Class of 2010

Joe D'Iorio (left), Bonnie Britton (center) and Charles Doarn (right) accept their 2010 Fellowships.

  • Bonnie P Britton, MSN, RN

  • Joseph D'Iorio

  • Charles R. Doarn, MBA

Class of 2011

  • Anne Burdick, MD, MPH

  • Sam Burgiss, PhD

  • William England, PhD, JD

  • Ronald Merrell, MD, FACS

  • Steven R. Normandin

  • Mark VanderWerf

  • Pamela Whitten, PhD

Class of 2009

  • Dale Alverson, MD

  • Nina Antoniotti, RN, MBA, PhD

  • Rashid Bashshur, PhD

  • Elizabeth Krupinski, PhD

  • Joe Kvedar, MD

  • Thelma McCloskey-Armstrong

  • COL Ron Poropatich, MD

  • Jane Preston (awarded posthumously)

  • Jay Sanders, MD, FACP, FACAAI

  • Bob Waters, JD

  • Ron Weinstein, MD