ATA Fellows

Congratulations to the winners of the ATA 2015 Awards! These prestigious awards are provided annually in order to recognize substantial contributions toward the advancement of telemedicine. 
The awards will be presented at the next annual meeting of the Association May, 2-5, 2015 in Los Angeles. 

2015 ATA President's Awards

Individual Leadership Award

Sponsored by Jay Sanders, MD of The Global Telemedicine Group

Each year the association elects members of distinction as new ATA Fellows. Election to the American Telemedicine Association College of Fellows is a high honor that recognizes significant achievements in telemedicine, service to the general telemedicine community, and service to ATA.

Class of 2014

Class of 2015

  • Dena S. Puskin, ScD
  • Barb Johnston, MSN, MLM
  • James P. Marcin, MD, MPH
    Pictured with 2013-2014 ATA President 
    Edward M. Brown, MD
ATA 2015 Fellows

  • Bernard A. Harris, Jr., MD, MBA, FACP, Director/President and CEO, Vesalius Ventures, Inc., Houston, TX
  • Edward M. Brown, MD, CEO, Ontario Telemedicine Network, Toronto, Canada
  • Richard S. Bakalar, MD, Managing Director, Healthcare, KPMG, Lone Tree, CO

    Not pictured
  • A. Stewart Ferguson, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, AFHCAN, Anchorage, AK
  • Mark A. Goldberg, MD, President and Chief Operating Officer, Parexel International, Waltham, MA
  • Hon Pak, MD, FAAD, Chief Medical Officer, LongView International Technology Solutions, Clarksburg, MD

Class of 2012

Karen Rheuban (center) and Scott Simmons (right) receive their Fellowships from ATA President, Bernard Harris, MD (left)
  • Jerry Cavallerano, OD, PhD
  • Karen S. Rheuban, MD
  • Scott Simmons, MS

Class of 2013

Pramod Gaur and David Balch
  • David Balch, MA
  • Pramod Gaur, PhD

Class of 2010

Joe D'Iorio (left), Bonnie Britton (center) and Charles Doarn (right) accept their 2010 Fellowships.
  • Bonnie P Britton, MSN, RN
  • Joseph D'Iorio
  • Charles R. Doarn, MBA

Class of 2011

2011 Fellows Inductees accept their awards from ATA President, Dale Alverson (center)
  • Anne Burdick, MD, MPH
  • Sam Burgiss, PhD
  • William England, PhD, JD
  • Ronald Merrell, MD, FACS
  • Steven R. Normandin
  • Mark VanderWerf
  • Pamela Whitten, PhD

Class of 2009

Inductees from the inaugural class of ATA Fellows
  • Dale Alverson, MD
  • Nina Antoniotti, RN, MBA, PhD
  • Rashid Bashshur, PhD
  • Elizabeth Krupinski, PhD
  • Joe Kvedar, MD
  • Thelma McCloskey-Armstrong
  • COL Ron Poropatich, MD
  • Jane Preston (awarded posthumously)
  • Jay Sanders, MD, FACP, FACAAI
  • Bob Waters, JD
  • Ron Weinstein, MD