Jordana Bernard

Chief Program Officer

Jordana Bernard is responsible for overseeing ATA's member groups, developing program content for scientific and technical educational meetings, as well as promoting research and developing appropriate clinical, technical, and industry telemedicine practice guidelines and standards. Ms. Bernard has 20 years of experience in biomedical engineering and healthcare technology program development, implementation and management and 10 years in association management.
Before joining ATA, Ms. Bernard was an independent consultant in the areas of biomedical engineering and healthcare technology program management. During this time Ms. Bernard became actively involved in telemedicine and developed and implemented the first telemedicine network to deliver comprehensive clinical care within the Federal prison system. She also provided technical consulting services for several telemedicine projects for remote healthcare in jails. Ms. Bernard also served as an advisor to the National Institutes of Justice on multiple tele-forensics projects to demonstrate the application of telemedicine technology for remote crime scene investigation and forensic analysis.

Prior to this time, Ms. Bernard served as biomedical engineer and management team member of an INOVA Health Systems, mid-sized biomedical equipment services firm with over 100 clients in the Mid-Atlantic region. In this capacity she managed professional biomedical engineering services to client healthcare organizations in equipment planning, assessment and procurement, control and maintenance management, patient safety, quality assurance and risk management, and licensure and accreditation. Ms. Bernard has also served as the coordinator of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program's Prostate Cancer Research Program and as Support Services Director at the American Red Cross' Jerome H. Holland Laboratory for the Biomedical Sciences.

Ms. Bernard holds a Masters in Business Administration from Marymount University, Arlington, Virginia and a B.S. degree in biomedical engineering from Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts.