OCP Accreditation Process

Steps to Become ATA Accredited: 

  1. Organizations seeking accreditation must complete the online registration form.  Once received, program staff will follow up with the registrant to verify eligibility for the program. If deemed eligible, an accreditation staff member will forward the Application, the Rules and Terms, Accreditation Standards, and fee schedule to the designated contact person completing the online registration process. 

  2. Registered organizations submit the Application with all supporting documentation and the required Application Fee to ATA. Application materials and other related communications with ATA accreditation program staff will be through an independent, encrypted server and website to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of information being supplied to the Commission for consideration.

  3. If the Application is complete, program staff will assign the Application to a two-person Survey team that will be responsible for the preliminary review of the documentation, and coordinate the Demonstration phase of the Survey process once the application is verified to contain all of the required evidence of compliance for each accreditation standard. The application and survey includes four types of information from applicant organizations: attestation, documentation, demonstration, and online resources.

  4. The administrative and clinical Surveyors assigned to an Application will make a final recommendation to the Commission based on their findings from the review and demonstration stages. The Commission meets to review all available information from the applicant and Survey team in rendering its final decision to grant or deny accreditation.

  5. When accreditation is awarded to an applicant, the grant will last for a 3-year period. Accredited organizations are required to submit an Annual Accreditation Report documenting continuing compliance with the Standards on the anniversary date of accreditation in years 2 and 3.

 For any questions, please contact ATA accreditation program staff at (202) 233-3333 or email us