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The ATA mHealth, Technology, and Distance Learning Special Interest Group is the technology “center of excellence” and focus on technologies which enable meaningful practice and outcomes for providers and patients in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. The SIG expounds on telemedicine technologies and how they should be used by providers and patients in the practice of telemedicine including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and education for both clinical and educational applications = telemedicine and telehealth.

The scope of the mHealth, Technology, and Distance Learning SIG would exclude those technologies and practices where there is no prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of disease. It would exclude exercise apps for example.

The SIG's Executive Committee consists of:

Executive Director, Chair, and Vice Chair for Clinical Expertise
Executive Director, Chair, and Vice Chair for Technology/Distance Learning

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SIG Leadership

Janet Major
Associate Director Facilities
Arizona Telemedicine Program
1501 N. Campbell Ave, Room 3404


Pramod Gaur, PhD
Adjunct Professor
Pace University
Katonah, NY 

Co- Vice Chair
David Maughan

Telemedicine Project Manager
University of Utah - Hospitals and Clinics

Salt Lake City, UT


Co-Vice Chair
Alexander Chiu, MD, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Ross Medical Corporation
Saddle River, NJ