Human Factors SIG

The success of telehealth applications is dependent upon a number of considerations, many of which are related to human factors (HF): how humans interact with technical systems during use, training, and maintenance. Formed in the spring of 2003, the mission of the Human Factors Special Interest Group (SIG) is:
  • To promote the conscious integration of human factors into telemedicine and e-health systems by first providing education in the practical use of HF principles and methodologies, and second by reaching out to the designers and vendors of telemedicine technology and systems
  • To make HF a significant design and operational component of a modern, technologically enabled health care system
  • To promote and provide education on human factors principles and methodologies in the use of telecommunications technology in healthcare
  • To provide a forum for ATA members to exchange information and network in areas related to human factors in various application settings
Areas of focus for the coming year:
  • Form a task force to plan and design a short course for future ATA annual meetings.
  • Form a task force to develop Human Factors evaluation guidelines that can be applied to telemedicine projects.
  • Identify areas of interest shared with other ATA SIGs for potential future collaboration.
Elizabeth Krupinski, PhD
Assistant Director, Program Evaluation
University of Arizona
Department of Radiology - Research Telemedicine Program
Southwest Telehealth Resource Center
Latisha Rowe, MD, MBA
CEO, Click It Clinic
Houston, TX
Immediate Past Chair
David Ben-Arieh, PhD
Professor, Industrial Engineering
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS
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