Technology SIG

The ATA Technology Special Interest Group is the technology “center of excellence” and focus for all current and future technology information and knowledge within the ATA relating to Telemedicine and Telehealth, working in concert with, and in support of, all the other SIGs within the ATA.

To accomplish this vision, the Technology Special Interest Group will:
  1. Become an educational resource for the ATA organization by: running a continuing series of short (30 min) and long (1 hour or more) webinars on significant technology topics of interest 

  2. Develop and implement half day and/or full day training sessions to be delivered at ATA annual meetings, either alone or in conjunction with other SIGs

  3. Develop and implement a Reference Library that will have ultimately three main components
    • A constantly growing listing of reference articles and texts re technology and technology applications related to Telemedicine/Telehealth (TM/TH)
    • A central source of all technical standards for all TM/TH equipments and processes from all standards organizations globally
    • Webinar presentations will be added to the reference library as they occur 

  4. Develop “centers of excellence” from within the membership for major areas of TM/TH technology, and advanced R&D to act as a resource for the SIG, and ultimately the overall ATA organization. 

  5. Insure that all information on the Technology SIG Web page is always current and accurate.
Janet Major
Associate Director Facilities
Arizona Telemedicine Program
1501 N. Campbell Ave. Room 3404
Vice Chair 
David Maughan
Telemedicine Project Manager
University of Utah - Hospitals and Clinics
30 N 1900 E
Room 2R022
Salt Lake City, UT
Immediate Past Chair 
Glenn Groesch, MBA
Director - Telehealth Networks and Programs
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
Springfield, IL
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