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Membership in ATA is a solid investment, resulting in returns far greater than you could gain elsewhere. As a member, you will be able to access training and learn about the latest applications and developments in the field, increase interaction with other professionals in a variety of specialty areas, connect with customers and suppliers and, ultimately, improve care for patients and the public.

Membership is open to all individuals and organizations involved in developing or deploying remote healthcare solutions with telemedicine.  ATA members include health care professionals, administrators, technology specialists, providers of telemedicine products and services and students from around the world.

ATA has four membership types:

Dues: $235/year

Membership in the ATA puts individuals in the center of the American and global telemedicine community. Individual Membership is ideal for individual clinicians, researchers, consultants or entrepreneurs interested in learning about telemedicine, networking with peers and professional development.

Member Benefits Include:
  • Free access to most ATA educational videocasts and webinars, with big discounts to other online professional development products.
  • Free access to The HUB, a peer-to-peer networking and communications tool for telemedicine and mHealth professionals--it's the Facebook for telemedicine.
  • Participation in ATA's Member Groups (Special Interest Groups, Chapters and Discussion Groups) which focus on clinical or geographic specialty areas.
  • The weekly Telemedicine News Brief and email alerts for breaking telemedicine news.
  • Huge discounts on the ATA Annual Meeting and Fall Forum--if you attend just one of these events,your membership pays for itself!
  • Discounted subscriptions to the leading peer-reviewed journals for remote healthcare: Telemedicine and e-Health and The Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare.
  • Discounted hotel stays at national Club Quarters hotels (contact ATA for the member code at 
  • Continuing Education Credits
  • Assistance and consultation with ATA staff

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Dues: Free

ATA offers complimentary memberships to full-time students and hospital residents. Student Members get all the same membership benefits as Individuals Members, except they do not have voting rights in Association elections.

Full time is defined as 12 credit hours per semester for undergraduates; 9 credit hours for graduate students. Proof of enrollment is required when applying. Please provide documentation to 

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  • $1,500 / year for institutions with 1- 50 full-time employees
  • $2,000 / year for institutions with 51-1,000 full-time employees 
  • $2,500 / year for institutions with 1,001 - 5,000 full-time employees
  • $3,500 / year for institutions with 5,001 + full-time employees
Institutional Memberships allow non-profit healthcare providers, educational institutions and government agencies to join ATA as an organization. Institutional Members benefit from participation and networking in ATA’s Institutional Member Council.  All employees listed under an institutional membership receive full individual membership benefits. 

Institutional membership is only open to government and non-profit organizations. For-profit companies are eligible for Corporate and President's Circle Membership.

This membership also offers a once-a-month opportunity to use ATA’s industry leading websites as a media outlet to help promote your telemedicine story and related remote healthcare information. Learn more about this new member benefit here
  • Sustaining President's Circle Membership: $11,500 / year
  • President's Circe Membership: $7,500 / year
  • Basic Corporate Membership: $2,500 / year
  • Startup Company Membership: $1,000/ year

When you become a Corporate Member of ATA, you make a strategic investment in the future of the telemedicine industry. ATA actively connects and promotes its corporate members to healthcare providers, telemedicine practitioners, legislative bodies and medical societies.  Whether telemedicine is your company's primary service or an emerging market, tapping the intellectual capital of the cutting edge leaders in the industry is important to you. ATA Corporate Members represent the most authoritative experts in the field of telemedicine.

ATA has four levels of corporate status: Startup Membership, Corporate Membership,  President's Circle Membership and elite Sustaining President's Circle Membership. President’s Circle and Sustaining President’s Circle Member participate in ATA’s influential Industry Council and receive additional special benefits.

All Corporate memberships provide individual member benefits for all employees of the organization. 

The President's Circle and Sustaining President's Circle memberships also offer a once-a-month opportunity to use ATA’s industry leading websites as a media outlet to help promote your telemedicine story and related remote healthcare information. Learn more about this new member benefit here