Business Models and Success Strategies for Telemedicine and mHealth

If you're looking to develop sustainable and profitable telemedicine and mHealth programs, look no further than ATA 2013 for the education and training you need. The ATA 2013 educational program contains a huge number of presentations--in a variety of formats--showing how to incorporate telehealth services as a core business strategy. To thrive and survive in telemedicine, you need to first come to ATA 2013.

Presentation Panels

Experts from the field share their experience and know-how, offering solutions for implementing sustainable telehealth operations. 
  • Clinical, Legal and Administrative Hurdles in Developing a Telehealth Network
  • Chasing the Elusive Reimbursement for TeleHealth: Understanding Current and Future Payment for TeleHealth
  • Implementing Telemedicine: On Target, On Time, & On Budget
  • Telehealth Reimbursement Workshop: Tools, Strategies and Resources for Embracing Billing and Coding and Enhancing ROI
  • What We Know about Private Payers and TeleHealth: A Survey Experience of the Telemental Health and Business and Finance SIGs
  • Telehealth impact on a workplace health program – Reducing costs/increasing care
  • Market Watch: Not All Telehealth Markets are Equal
  • Surgical Tele-Monitoring: The Next Milestone and Powerful Quality and Financial Use-Case for Telemedicine
  • University-Based Telehealth: The Next Wave--Competing Successfully or Restructuring Around Value?
  • Direct-to-Consumer Teledermatology: Innovations and Challenges
  • Model Potential Telestroke Savings: Can Telestroke Save Medi-cal and Medicare Money?
  • Building an Enterprise Telehealth Program: Perspectives from Three Academic Medical Centers

Individual Presentations

Research, outcomes analysis and case studies on telemedicine & mHealth business models.
  • Telemedicine - Healthcare Reform Without All of the Politics
  • Price-Check, Aisle 1: Selling Provider-Developed Telemedicine Products to the Masses 
  • A Three Year Experience Reveals A Positive ROI For All Four Stakeholders In A Rural Telemedicine Clinic
  • Sustainable Business Models- Opportunities to Manage the Continuum of Care  
  • Cost-Effectiveness of A Telemedicine Program in 5 Common Pediatric Diagnoses in Rural Emergency Departments
  • Integration of Mobile Health into Developing Nation's Health Systems and Its Marketplaces
  • Integration of Mobile Health Solutions in Developing and Underserved Nations
  • Improving Facility Reputation with Telemedicine  
  • Moving from Telehealth Provider to Telehealth Certifying Agency  
  • Smarter Social Media - 10 Ways to Make it Work for Telehealth  
  • Legal Issues in Telemedicine: Overcoming Regulatory Obstacles to a Multi-State Telehealth Business
  • Nighthawk v Dayhawk - Two Models for Teleradiology
  • A Study of the Factors Contributing to the Long Term Sustainability of a Telestroke Network
  • Managing Telemedicine Liability Risks


Interactive digital posters with the hard data you need to make informed business decisions.
  • Care Beyond Walls & Wires: Importance of Public Private Partnerships  
  • Maximizing Profits by Integrating Telemedicine Consultations in Private Practices  
  • KidSafe Telenet - Our Return on Investment after 2 yrs  
  • Maximizing Profits by Integrating Telemedicine Consultations in Private Practices
  • An Economic Evaluation of Home Monitoring in COPD Patients

Pre-Meeting Certificate Courses

In-depth training in the latest business and administrative best practices related to telemedicine and mHealth.

PLUS... Business Expertise in the ATA 2013 Trade Show

If you are looking for outsourced telemedicine service providers, qualified telehealth consultants or market research firms, the ATA 2013 Trade Show has everything you need.  Connect with hundreds of vendors, offering the newest products and services in the industry.  Get a sneak peek at the exhibiting companies and their products with the ATA 2013 Virtual Exhibit Hall
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