ATA Seeks Comments on Two Telemedicine Practice Guidelines

ATA is seeking comments on two draft guidelines: Clinical Guidelines for Telepathology, and Practice Guidelines For Real-time, Direct-to-Patient Primary Urgent Care Telemedicine. The deadline to submit comments is June 20, 2014

Clinical Guidelines for Telepathology
Clinical Guidelines for Telepathology is an update to the ATA original guideline published in 1999. The guidelines provide guidance on specific clinical applications, practice, benefits, limitations, and regulatory issues. Clinical applications addressed in the guidelines include: primary diagnosis, intraoperative consultations, secondary consultations, and quality assurance that may result in amended cases. The guidelines apply to all types of telepathology configurations, regardless of hardware, including static (store and forward), dynamic (synchronous) and hybrid static-dynamic implementations.

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Practice Guidelines For Real-time, Direct-to-Patient Primary Urgent Care Telemedicine
These guidelines cover the provision of direct-to-patient, primary and urgent care services delivered by licensed health care providers using real-time, two-way videoconferencing and telephonic technologies.  Such technologies include mobile devices such smart phones, laptops, or tablets where regulatory conditions permit.

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ATA’s practice guidelines for telemedicine are the critical foundation for the deployment of telemedicine services.  Standards form the basis for uniform, quality patient care and safety, grounded in empirical research and clinical experience. The establishment of such standards also accelerates the adoption of telemedicine by payers, administrators and providers who are full partners with ATA in their development along with industry, government agencies, medical societies and other stakeholders.