Telehealth Capitol Connection

The Telehealth Capitol Connection

To meet the growing interest in using telemedicine to improve health care delivery, ATA, with the briefing expertise and thought leadership of Neal Neuberger launched the Telehealth Capitol Connection (TCC), a bi-monthly briefing series for Congress, federal agencies, national organizations, and other interested stakeholders.

Upcoming Briefing:
Telehealth and the ABCs of Keeping Kids Covered

Date: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 Time: 12:00 - 1:30 PM ET Location: Top of the Hill (located at 1 Constitution Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002) Speakers: Coming Soon

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Telehealth holds promise for meeting the needs of kids and their parents at home, in schools, and in specialty carebut too often, children cannot access the services they need.

How can we leverage opportunities to improve healthcare access for kids? How do we address the social, environmental, and financial factors families face that affect their quality of care? How can we facilitate wider inclusion of telehealth as a care delivery option to improve the lives of families with children?
To answer these questions, ATA will host its next Telehealth Capitol Connection Briefing, Telehealth, and the ABC’s of Keeping Kids Covered. Speakers will discuss at-home, school-based, and specialty care and include leadership from the Children’s National Health System, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital,  the School-Based Health Alliance, and Sovereign Health.
This briefing will equip attendees with a core understanding of special applications and policies related to better serving children through telehealth and remote technologies. Join us as we explore the our youth’s most pressing needs, opportunities to improve access using telehealth in schools, and how federal policy can impact and improve children’s access to care.


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Briefing Videos

November 2016 Briefing:
Telehealth Lessons from the States
*Video is not available for the November 2016 briefing. 
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View Slide Deck #2
View Slide Deck #3

September 2016 Briefing:
Bringing People Needed Healthcare Services: Improving Broadband Throughout the Nation
*Video is not available for the September 2016 briefing. 
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View Slide Deck #2

June 2016 Briefing:
Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring in Federal Healthcare Programs
Watch this briefing

April 2016 Briefing:
Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring in a Value-Based Payment Environment
Watch this briefing

February 2016 Briefing:
Major Congressional Telehealth and Remote Monitoring Proposals
Watch this briefing