ATA Telemedicine Video Contest 2012

In the summer of 2012, ATA organized a special video contest to promote the value and impact of telemedicine technologies. The contest, entitled "Expect Telemedicine Because Telemedicine Works," succeeded beyond all expectations. Nearly 80 people and organizations submitted videos, displaying their true creativity and passion for telemedicine.

You can view a special playlist of all contest submissions on ATA's Video Contest YouTube Channel

Organizations interested in using these videos for their own telemedicine marketing should contact ATA at to attain downloadable files. 

Contest Sponsors

Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center
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Contest Awards

The ATA Video Contest Committee, with assistance from a public vote, narrowed down all the submissions to following 6 winners.

Best Video on the theme of Consumer Awareness

Telemedicine: It's a No Brainer, submitted by Joel Levinson, an independent comedian and video producer from Culver City, CA. In this video, Joel, helps our animated hero learn through experience just how awesome telemedicine can be! 

Best Video on the theme of Provider Adoption

Telehealth Technologies: The Tools for 21st Century Health Care
, submitted by Stephen Robitaille of the Center for Connected Health Policy in Sacramento, California. In this video, Dr. Noah Craft, a UCLA dermatologist, describes how telehealth technologies are tools to improve access to care, improve patient outcomes, and control health care costs.


Best Non-English Language Video

Why I Believe in Telemedicine, submitted by Radica  Djordjevic of JAZAS in Belgrade, Serbia. Radica is a student who is trying to help people understand the advantages of telemedicine by showing how telemedicine helps with her own health problems.

Best Video by a Student

Teleconsultation Using Mobile Devices, submitted by Dr. George Hadeed of the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. This video demonstrates the ease at which one can facilitate home clinical consultations using a mobile phone. The idea is that medical consultation can be available at the push of a button.

People's Choice Awards

In addition to the four judged awards above, the Video Contest included two People's Choice Awards. The Contest Committee nominated 10 videos out of all submissions and asked the public to select their two favorites. The response was overwhelming. In one week of voting, we had nearly 2600 people vote.

The top vote-getter, with 606 votes, was School-Based Telemedicine: A Shorter Road to Health, submitted by Cassie Butler of MY Health-e-Schools in in Bakersville, NC. In this video, the MY Health-e-Schools team shows how telemedicine is improving access to healthcare for students in Mitchell and Yancey counties in western North Carolina.

In a close second, with 497 votes, was Expect Telemedicine, submitted by Allen Saulnier of Life Paths, of Stoney Creek, ON, Canada. After the terrible earthquake in Haiti, telemedicine became an active part of bringing much needed health care to many Haitians. Since 2010 over 10,000 Haitians whom would normally have no access to a doctor were able to be seen and treated from a city several hours away. 

Remember, you can view a special playlist of all contest submissions on ATA's YouTube Channel.