Industry Executive Sessions

Convening the C-Suite – Corporate Insights from the ATA Industry Council

ATA’s key executives from top corporations convene eight panels over two days to tackle the issues facing this growing and diverse industry.

New Format This Year! 

Industry Council Executive Sessions, co-sponsored by ATA and
ATA Partners with Healthcare Trade Media Trailblazer to Launch Insider Interview Series with Leaders of Healthcare's Most Disruptive Decade

Join’s Chris Seper, CEO, and Veronica Combs, Editor in Chief, as they interview the most important companies involved in telemedicine. is bringing in their top execs to ask our top execs the tough questions. We expect lively discussions that will culminate in a comprehensive review of the corporate mindset of the industry. The video recording of these sessions will be available on both the ATA and’s websites. 

Insightful questions produce insightful answers, and in conjunction with, attendees will have an opportunity to add their questions to the mix.  These on-site panel interviews kick off the exclusive in-depth interview series with ATA Industry Council leaders. In the weeks and months to come, look for healthcare articles about everything telemedicine in


Monday, May 19   

11:00am – 12:00pm
Room 307/308

  • A&D Medical                                 
    Terry Duesterhoeft
    President & CEO

  • Alere Connect                             
    Kent Dicks                                       
    Chief Executive Officer

  • AMD Global Telemedicine        
    Eric Bacon
    VP of Finance and Operations

  • American Well                              
    Roy Schoenberg, MD, MPH           

  • AT&T                                               
    Adam Cowdin                         
    Lead Product Marketing Manager

  • GlobalMed                                      
    Joel E. Barthelemy                         

  • MedWeb                                   
    Pete Killcommons, MD                        


1:15pm - 2:15pm
Room 307/308

  • Bosch Healthcare                         
    Karen Gilberg, MD                         
    Director, Chief Medical Officer

  • Cardiocom                                     
    Jennifer Farrell                               
    Vice President, Government Services

  • e-Telmed                               
    Lancelot James                               

  • IDEAL LIFE                                     
    Jason Goldberg                               

  • LG CNS                                 
    Bobby Choi                           
    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Nonin Medical                             
    Mark Vanderwerf                           
    Vice President - Director of eHealth and OEM

  • Signature Health
    Jonathan Lee                        

3:00pm – 4:00pm
Room 307/308

  • Intel-GE Care Innovations         
    Marcus Grindstaff
    Vice President, Marketing Development and International Markets

  • InTouch Health                            
    Tim Wright                                      
    VP Corporate and Market Strategy

  • Med1 Healthcare Group
    Dr. Gregory Ciottone
    Chief Medical Officer

  • NuView Health                                   
    Dr. P William Ludwig, MD                               

  • Panasonic                                      
    Jean-Claude Junqua                                
    Vice President, Research & Development

  • Philips                                             
    Manu Varma                       
    Senior Director, Strategic Marketing & New Business Development

  • Polycom
    Deb Jeffries, ND                                     
    Director Global Healthcare Marketing

4:15pm – 5:15pm
Room 307/308

  • Specialists On Call                       
    Joe Peterson, MD                            

  • Sprint                                              
    Julee Thompson                             
    Business Solutions Portfolio Manager - Chief Healthcare Executive

  • SUNPA                                             
    Liu Yong, MD                                          

  • Telespecialists                   
    Nima Mowzoon, MD                      

  • Time Warner Cable Business Class                           
    Satyanarayana Parimi
    GVP, Product Management                                  

  • Optum Specialty Networks              

    Andrew Sekel, Ph.D.
    CEO, Optum Specialty Networks

  • Healthspot                                    
    Steve Cashman                        


Tuesday, May 20

11:00am – 12:00pm
Room 307/308

  • Verizon                                           
    Nancy Green                           
    Managing Principal, Healthcare Practice

  • Vidyo                                               
    Amnon Gavish                                
    Senior Vice President, Vertical Solutions

  • ViTel Net                                         
    Allen Izadpanah

  • Viterion TeleHealthCare           
    Gene Fleischer                                
    VP of Product Development and Technology Support

  • WellPoint                                       
    Samuel J. Marchio                          
    Senior Director, Federal Affairs

  • WoundMatrix                               
    Sam Al-Moosawi                                 
    Chief Technology Officer

  • MD Aligne                                      
    John Palumbo                                 

1:15pm – 2:15pm
Room 307/308

  • Advanced ICU Care                      
    Mary Jo Gorman, MD                                

  • Carena, Inc                                     
    Ralph Derrickson                           

  • Chorus Call                                    
    Sabina Chiara Coraluppi
    Director of Operations                  

  • Cisco                                                
    Barbara Casey                             
    Senior Executive Director

  • Comcast                                          
    Regan Yeldell
    Director of Marketing, Emerging Markets                      

  • GCI ConnectMD                            
    teve Constantine
    Dir. Sr., Telehealth & VTC Services  

  • KPMG                                     
    Richard Bakalar, MD                        
    Managing Director, Healthcare Advisory Services


3:00pm – 4:00pm
Room 307/308

  • Avizia, Inc.                                    
    Mike Baird                                       

  • Hospital Corporation of America                               
    Karen Thompson                                    
    Assistant Vice President, Strategic Resource Group

  • Humana                                          
    Christopher Northam                   
    Director, eClinical / Health Care Services

  • IBM                                                   
    Michael Weiner, DO
    Director, Healthcare Strategic Services

  • Insight Telepsychiatry               
    Geoffrey Boyce                                    
    Executive Director

  • QualcommLife                                  
    Chris Talbot                         
    Senior Director of Business Development


4:15pm – 5:15pm
Room 307/308