340 Organizations Send Letter to Congress Urging Action on Telehealth. Congress Must Act to Ensure Patients and Providers Don't Fall Off the 'Telehealth Cliff' When Public Health Emergency Ends

340 organizations signed a letter urging Congressional leaders to make telehealth flexibilities created during the COVID-19 pandemic permanent. If Congress does not act before the COVID-19 public health emergency expires, current flexibilities will immediately disappear. Those signing this multi-stakeholder letter include national and regional organizations representing a full range of health care stakeholders and all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. These stakeholders sent a powerful message to Congress outlining the immediate actions necessary to ensure CMS has the authority to continue to make telehealth services available once the national health emergency is rescinded. Read the press release here.

“As we all work to understand the impact of the waivers put in place in response to the pandemic and assess what should be made permanent, we encourage Congressional leaders to focus on existing statutory barriers that must be immediately addressed to ensure the administration can appropriately transition and modernize telehealth under Medicare and most importantly, keep us all from falling off the ‘telehealth cliff,'” said Ann Mond Johnson, CEO, the American Telemedicine Association (ATA).

Read the letter to Congress here

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