ATA summary of key telehealth provisions in the CARES Act

The CARES Act will help ensure Medicare beneficiaries can access care when and where they need it during this pandemic. The act will also provide much-needed support to America’s health care providers who are migrating patients to virtual care platforms to reduce exposure to COVID-19. The telehealth provisions in the CARES Act build on the initial Medicare telehealth waiver authorized by Congress and announced by HHS earlier this month. ATA Summary of the Key Telehealth Provisions in the CARES Act

“Since the beginning of this crisis, both states and the federal government, health care providers and patients have recognized the value of telehealth to facilitate access to care to mitigate the virus. We look forward to continuing to work with the Administration, state officials, and health care stakeholders to implement these new policies in order to increase access to care, no matter where you are in the country,” said Ann Mond Johnson, CEO, the ATA.

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