Raise Federal Awareness & Consideration

to further the reach of Telemedicine for constituents

The federal government has several mechanisms that directly affect the growth and use of telemedicine: paying for services under health benefits plans, providing telemedicine services directly, funding telemedicine projects and innovations, and regulating devices, services and related applications. There are numerous and diverse federal agencies with a role in telemedicine. ATA will encourage the Trump Administration and Congress to follow-through with:

  • Federal reimbursement of federally-funded health providers (such as community health centers)
    for telehealth services.
  • Coordination of telehealth policies based on a Presidential Executive Order and with high-level leadership for programs, regulations, and funding to maximize the federal return on investment and better serve peoples’ needs. An example of policy tension is federal promotion of eprescribing while wanting to control appropriate purchase of medications over the internet.
  • Use of telehealth to achieve many of the federal government’s interests, such as improving population health, sustaining leadership in innovation and improving government efficiency.