ATA Members are encouraged to join specialized communities and forums. Select a group category to view the associated communities. Click on a community to learn more about its mission and leadership, and to join.


The Councils represent ATA’s Circle members (Industry Council) and Institutions (Institutional Council).

ATA Industry Council  
The Industry Council is open exclusively to Platinum and Gold Members and provides a forum for the top telemedicine leaders to attend industry briefings. These meetings are closed to non-members and allow the IC to interact with high-level decision-makers and weigh in on issues of importance to the industry. The IC convenes bi-annually and at the ATA Annual Meeting.

ATA Institutional Council 
The ATA Institutional Council, composed exclusively by ATA Institutional Members, provides a forum for its Members to communicate with each other as well as ATA member groups and the ATA leadership. It also provides a forum for dialogue with industry and the public as it strives to expand the diffusion of telemedicine throughout healthcare. The Council also serves as a vehicle for its members to collaborate on mutually beneficial initiatives with a particular focus on understanding, addressing and promoting the unique needs of Institutional member organizations