Core Operational Guidelines for Telehealth Services Involving Provider-Patient Interactions

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Published 2014

These guidelines provide an update to the previously published Core Standards for Telemedicine Operations (Nov. 2007) and cover fundamental requirements to be followed when providing  healthcare services using telecommunications technologies, and other electronic communications between patients, practitioners and other healthcare providers. 

The guidelines apply to individual practitioners, group and specialty practices, hospitals, clinics and healthcare systems, and other providers of health-related services where there are telehealth interactions between patients and service providers for the purposes of healthcare delivery. These guidelines may apply to specialty services, but other guidelines and standards addressing specific specialties have been and continue to be developed by separate work groups within ATA and other professional societies.

This version has four key modifications:
1) enhances guidance for obtaining consent for telehealth treatment;
2) adds several new items related to verification of patient/provider identity and service delivery location;
3) provides guidance related to mobile devices and services delivered to patients in non-clinical settings; 
4) expands guidelines on privacy and security requirements.