Health. Virtually. Uncensored.
with Dr. Joe Kvedar

Health. Virtually. Uncensored. is a new, monthly podcast series brought to you by the American Telemedicine Association.

Join Joe Kvedar, MD, Past Chair of the ATA, in candid conversations with the leaders, disrupters and innovators offering real-world perspectives and practical knowledge to impact change in our current healthcare environment.

The telehealth industry has evolved significantly over the last few years, but there is still much to do, and still much to learn. Our goal is that this podcast series – and the uncensored conversations about our new healthcare realities – will ultimately help move the industry forward and give our listeners the information and inspiration you need to bring about change in your organization and advance telehealth adoption.

About The Host

Dr. Joe Kvedar has been driving innovation, creating the market, and gaining acceptance for telehealth and virtual care for nearly three decades. Applying his expertise, insights, and influence to advancing adoption of telehealth at the national level, Dr. Kvedar continues to guide the transformation of healthcare delivery as a respected thought leader, author and convener. He currently serves as Past Chair of the Board of the ATA, and senior advisor to the organization. As Editor-in-Chief of npj Digital Medicine, a Nature Research journal, he is working to establish the evidence base needed to guide innovation and the implementation of virtual care.

He is co-chair the American Medical Association’s (AMA) Digital Medicine Payment Advisory Group (DMPAG), which is working to ensure widespread coverage of telehealth and remote patient monitoring, and successfully established several new provider codes for telehealth reimbursement through the CPT process. He is the author of two books: The Internet of Healthy Things and The New Mobile Age: How Technology Will Extend the Healthspan and Optimize the Lifespan.

The cHealth Blog provides his insights and vision for virtual care. Dr. Kvedar is a Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School.