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ATA Telehealth Practice Resources

ATA’s practice guidelines for telehealth are a critical foundation for the deployment of telehealth services. Grounded in empirical research and clinical experience, these guidelines form the basis for uniform, quality patient care and safety and help to accelerate the adoption of telehealth across the healthcare industry.

Telehealth Practice Recommendations for Diabetic Retinopathy
Recommendations for designing, implementing, and sustaining an ocular telehealth care program.  It specifically addresses current clinical, technical, and administrative issues that form the basis for evaluating Diabetic Retinopathy with telehealth services and technologies.

Videoconferencing-based Telepresenting Expert Consensus RecommendationsMember only content icon
Administrative, technical and clinical standards for health professionals using videoconferencing-based telepresenting to connect patients with remote medical providers. Funding support for this initiative was provided by United Health Foundation.

A Lexicon of Assessment and Outcome Measures for Telemental HealthMember only content icon
This lexicon is a research tool developed to aid telemental health professionals in the selection of assessment and outcome measures. This resource will help grow understanding in the field, allow for broader comparisons, and support better generalization of findings.

Core Operational Guidelines for Telehealth Services Involving Provider-Patient InteractionsMember only content icon
These guidelines provide an update to the previously published Core Standards for Telemedicine Operations (Nov. 2007) and cover fundamental requirements to be followed when providing  health care services using telecommunications technologies, and other electronic communications between patients, practitioners and other health care providers.

Guidelines for TeleICU OperationsMember only content icon
The TeleICU Guidelines were developed to assist practitioners in providing assessment, medical intervention, continuous monitoring and/or consultation to the critical care population using telecommunication technologies.

Clinical Guidelines for TelepathologyMember only content icon
This document is an update to the original ATA telepathology guideline and provides new and updated guidance on specific applications, practice, benefits, limitations, and regulatory issues that may arise in the practice of telepathology. This guideline covers clinical applications of telepathology to include primary diagnosis, intraoperative consultations, secondary consultations, and quality assurance that may result in amended cases.

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