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Health. Virtually. Everywhere.

The policy principles of the ATA are rooted in its vision: we promote a healthcare system where people have access to safe, effective and appropriate care when and where they need it, while enabling clinicians to do more good for more people. To address global challenges driven by rising healthcare costs, an aging population, variation in quality and outcomes, and an inadequate number of clinicians, the ATA advocates using technology to reimagine care and supports policy that ensures all people receive care where and when they need it.

To effectively leverage and expand telehealth, digital health, and virtual care technologies, federal and state health policy must be technology, modality, and site-neutral.

ATA Policy Principles:

  1. Ensure Patient Choice, Access, and Satisfaction.
  2. Enhance Provider Autonomy.
  3. Expand Reimbursement to Incentivize 21st Century Virtual Care.
  4. Enable Healthcare Delivery Across State Lines.
  5. Ensure Access to Non-Physician Providers.
  6. Expand Access for Underserved and At-risk Populations.
  7. Support Seniors and Expand “Aging in Place”.
  8. Protect Patient Privacy and Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks.
  9. Ensure Program Integrity.

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