State Activity

ATA’s State Policy Resource Center monitors telemedicine state policies, identifies and works to resolve barriers to state-level telemedicine use, and provides policy technical assistance to the ATA members and state policymakers.



The ATA State Telemedicine Legilative & Regulatory Trackers provides live, up-to-the-minute updates pertaining to telemedicine policy. Each listing includes details on a bill or rule, the corresponding sponsor, language, status and scheduled hearings.

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Explore state level advocacy opportunities

Help support a Florida telehealth bill that establishes standards of practice for telehealth providers

Call to action! Contact the Florida Governor’s office by Friday, May 24 with your support for HB 23, a telehealth bill that establishes standards of practice for telehealth providers.

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Medicare Advantage CMS Proposed Rule November 2018: How it Works

Increasing access to telehealth in the Medicare Advantage program is a win as ATA members strive to ensure that all populations have access to remote care. But what does this policy mean and how will it actually work when the proposed changes go into effect in 2020? This policy alert outlines the mechanics of the proposed policy.

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Parity Laws for Private Insurance Coverage of Telemedicine by State July 2018


Watch ATA Members Champion Telehealth Initiatives.

The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) and HealthLink Now testified before the House Small Business Committee

The University of Virginia testified before the Senate Committee on Commerce, and Transportation