Dying to Get it Right: Healthcare’s Information Illness

A Discussion with Geeta Nayyar, MD

In today’s digital world, disinformation is often used for economic, political and moral gain, with devastating consequences. Misinformation poses a threat to an already-fragile healthcare system, impacting both patients and clinicians. Join Drs. Joe Kvedar and Geeta Nayyar, author of the new book “Dead Wrong, Diagnosing and Treating Healthcare’s Information Illness”, as they talk about what is needed to combat misinformation. Hear their thoughts on the need for creating new partnerships to prioritize marketing, communications, and patient engagement. While relaying heartbreaking personal patient stories, they illustrate how abdicating responsibility is to do harm. Their call to action: it’s up to the healthcare industry to step up, regain trust and bring humanity back to health.

This episode is presented in partnership with the Center for Innovation in Digital HealthCare at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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