Aging & Technology: More Than Endless Games of Pickleball

A Discussion with Joe Coughlin, PhD

Listen in as Joe Coughlin, PhD, founder and director of the MIT AgeLab, describes the wave of startup energy, innovations and venture capital starting to stimulate the aging and longevity market. He joins longtime friend and colleague, Dr. Joe Kvedar, as they discuss public sentiment towards AI, ChatGPT, privacy issues and more sophisticated technologies that are changing how people think about technology fitting in their lives. Joe Coughlin also predicts that robots are here to stay and talks about Agnes, a suit of clothing developed at MIT AgeLab that is calibrated so a designer or solution provider can feel what it’s like to navigate environment as an 82 year old consumer. MIT Age Lab, a multidisciplinary research program, studies the behavior of the 50+ population and the opportunity for innovation to improve the quality of life for older adults and their families.

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