The AI Leadership Imperative to Create Real Change in Healthcare

A Discussion with Tom Lawry

According to Tom Lawry, best-selling author of Hacking Healthcare and one of the most recognized leaders driving change and engagement in healthcare, AI in health adds value in one of two ways – either by automating or augmenting work done by humans. By augmenting the work of knowledge workers in healthcare, AI can change outdated and inefficient work processes, requiring leaders to think and act differently… what he calls the AI leadership imperative. Tom joins Joe Kvedar in a thoughtful discussion about harnessing AI to do what it’s especially good at (pattern recognition and mining huge amounts of data), and combining that with what is still uniquely human, such as judgment and ingenuity, to create a more powerful healthcare system. But can society and policymakers develop the guardrails to allow for responsible decision making and design? Listen in on this uncensored conversation about the potential pros and cons of this fast-moving technology that has the power to upend healthcare as we know it.

This episode is made possible by The John A. Hartford Foundation. 

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