What Are They Thinking? Employer Perspectives on Virtual and Digital Health

A Discussion with Ellen Kelsay, CEO & President, Business Group on Health

Wondering how evolving views on health and well-being, healthcare delivery and costs will drive strategy for 2024? Join Ellen Kelsay, CEO and president of Business Group on Health, and Dr. Joe Kvedar for an in-depth look at the results of Business Group’s annual landmark survey of employers. Listen in as they discuss issues related to employer-sponsored health care, including a fragmented care experience, alternative payment models and the importance of integration into the patient/consumer ecosystem. This year’s survey also reveals that employers continue to see telehealth as having a significant impact on care delivery, but in 2024 they will be focusing on its downstream challenges. With employers often the drivers of innovation, Ellen Kelsay offers critical advice to the healthcare technology community.


This episode made possibly by Walmart Health & Wellness


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