Healthcare Transformation – From the Inside or Out?

A discussion with Robbie Pearl, former CEO of the Permanente Medical Group.

Dr Robbie Pearl, former CEO of the Permanente Medical Group and regular contributor to Forbes Magazine, joins Dr Joe Kvedar to explore key levers affecting the digital health landscape, the influence of external market forces and other crucial forces at play.

Will the transformation of healthcare come from within or be coerced by external market influences? With the weight of unprecedented costs borne by the fee-for-service model, coupled with breakthrough technologies and recent strategic moves by non-traditional care providers entering the market, healthcare stands at a pivotal juncture. Dr. Pearl suggests we face a choice between adopting capitation or bracing for care rationing. Technologies such as AI will change the patient and clinician relationship. And retail giants are circling, collecting ammunition to force the hand of traditional players. Listen in as they discuss various scenarios and make predictions for how healthcare could be transformed for the better.

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