ATA Home Testing Special Interest Group Inaugural Meeting

An Official Telehealth Awareness Week Event

Healthcare encounters require or are greatly enhanced by access to timely test results, but lab test availability in the home has been limited.  As a result, lab tests are not generally available for telehealth encounters.  While the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated the market availability of over the counter home sample collection and home testing solutions, with and without prescription, the adoption has been relatively limited.

The ATA is forming a Special Interest Group (SIG) of industry leaders to access barriers to and drive actions to accelerate use of home testing the virtual care.  We are gathering together medical, scientific, technology solution, laboratory and regulatory experts to discuss how to bring testing into the home.

What are the barriers?  What would be the most useful focus and scope of the SIG?  Does a lack of a common industry language around home testing slow things down?  Do the lack of specific performance requirements contribute to a lack of clarity in regulation and limited reimbursement?  What can industry do to help accelerate home testing adoption by better connection to telehealth solutions?

Telehealth is Health.  Broad access to at home tests can expand the spectrum of encounter types for which telehealth can be used, and likewise, the application of telehealth supervision to sample collection and interpretation could expand the range of tests that can be effective at home.

All players with a role in the remote testing ecosystem are encouraged to join the inaugural call, join the ATA and its new Home Testing SIG to define an industry vision, identify the barriers and collaborate in catalyzing industry action to accelerate adoption of home testing with and for telehealth.

Key points:

  • Testing has made it to the home, but
    adoption is slower than desired, telehealth use is limited
  • ATA forming Special Interest Group (SIG) of industry leaders
    to assess barriers and drive actions to accelerate use
  • Looking for feedback:
    What are the barriers?
    What would be most useful focus and scope of the SIG?
  • Requesting your participation:
    Inaugural meeting of the SIG in September
    First session, open to the public

ATA Home Testing SIG Co-Chairs:

       Brandon Johnson, Sr. Advisor, ATA
Brandon is a Managing Partner at Vectis Solutions LLC and the Senior Adviser to the American Telemedicine Association on Home Testing. For most of his career he built and ran Boston Microfluidics (now Weavr Health) where he partnered with LabCorp to launch the first product with published data in Clinical Chemistry showing concordance with the vacutainer from samples collected by consumers themselves. He now works with Private Equity and Venture Capital funds and their portfolio companies as well as small to mid cap companies in the Healthcare space with a focus on Diagnostics.


     David Ryan, Sr. Advisor, ATA
Dave is Founder of Spectovita, a strategy consultancy helping tech-heavy health/life sciences firms create category-defining platforms that scale. He also serves as a senior advisor with the American Telemedicine Association. Previously, Dave led Intel’s Health & Life Sciences global business unit, spun out two remote healthcare ventures, co-led the firm’s foray into bio-silicon and pioneered the company’s global health industry response to the pandemic. Dave redefined his career around digital health change agency after a tragic family medical experience, and after 20 years leading the creation and launch of new compute platforms at Intel and IBM.

Featured Speakers during the Inaugural Call:

     Tim Bauer, EVP & Head of Science, EverlyHealth
Tim Bauer is the EVP and Head of Clinical Science at EverlyHealth, a leading home testing company focused on bringing medical testing to the customers where they are. With over 20+ years of clinical research experience, Tim’s work has spanned from physiological and translational research to clinical development in the pharmaceutical industry, development of wearable technology and health platforms, and more recently, to big data analytics from biological samples to power Health Insight discovery. He has led technology and product development for innovative tests in the blood-based diagnostic world and presently leads clinical programs developing a portfolio of innovative big data health insights to enable precision health and medicine.


     Alexander Pastuszak, MD, PhD, Chief Clinical Officer, Vault Health
Alex is a surgeon, scientist, and entrepreneur. He is currently Vault’s Chief Clinical Officer, where he oversees the company’s national clinical practice focused on at-home and virtual care delivery, as well as the company’s research and development efforts. Having started his career in academic urology, Alex has performed clinical and basic science research investigating men’s health conditions, and has published over 130 peer reviewed papers and several books. Alex contributes regularly to the media and community and started two other companies prior to joining Vault. Alex continues to explore the intersection between medicine and technology through his work with Baylor Global Initiatives, the Texas Medical Center Accelerator and a number of startups in the healthcare space.