Converting Insight into Action: Exploring New Connections in Patient Data

Sponsored by Validic

Well-designed health solutions can dramatically improve a person’s ability to manage their health and encourage them toward improved outcomes and accountability. Connected wireless devices can enhance health solutions – improving member satisfaction, follow-up visit attendance, and optimism in a person’s ability to manage their long-term health.

Everyday patient data provides new levels of insight that inform more personalized, accurate recommendations. Validic empowers a close-to-real-time data exchange between ActiveHealth clinicians, members, and healthcare providers, creating a healthier future.

Join Validic CEO Drew Schiller, ActiveHealth’s Executive Director of Product Management and Development Leah Briggs, and ActiveHealth Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lia Rodriguez on May 17 to learn how:

  • Device connectivity and daily tracking contribute invaluable data to the electronic health record
  • Well-designed health solutions don’t just acquire data, but uncover opportunities to improve patient health and deliver actionable insights that build health literacy and empowerment.
  • A greater breadth of data shines new light on physical, emotional, and social barriers to patient improvement
  • We can preserve, protect, and promote positive clinician-patient relationships through better collaboration with care providers