Emerging Changes in the Post-COVID Telehealth Landscape

As we look to 2021 for what may be a long, gradual recovery from the pandemic, all players in the medical industry agree that healthcare strategies, tools, and methods have changed forever. As telehealth technology matures and becomes truly ubiquitous – shifting from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have” for most health care providers – the impact manifests itself in dozens of ways.

We invite you to view the webinar recording on emerging changes in the post-COVID telehealth landscape, and what lies ahead in both reimbursement options and provider care priorities.

Attendees will learn about new government regulations, as well as expanding programs for grants and reimbursement from the key leader in the telehealth space, Dr. Karen Rheuban.

Stephanie Landry and Dr. Keith Griffin from Novant Health will showcase how they implemented and scaled a virtual urgent care solution to re-imagine the typical pediatric or urgent care visit, while also best utilizing grant funding – targeting measurable improvements in the main factors associated with urgent care: cost, wait times, and limiting exposure. Additionally, Novant Health will share perspectives on creating new service offerings in the digital setting, optimizing patient and provider adoption of digital health services, creating a playbook for success and continuing to address patient and provider survey feedback along the way.


David Bardan
, VP Enterprise Solutions, Tyto Care


Dr. Karen Rheuban
, Director, University of Virginia Center for Telehealth

Dr. Keith Griffin
, Chief Medical Information Officer, Ambulatory Services, Novant Health

Stephanie Landry
, VP Digital Health and Engagement, Novant Health