How to Remove Obstacles to Specialty Care Through Virtual Care Delivery

One of every three patients is sent to a specialist each year in the United States. Because specialists offer more advanced care than primary care doctors, they’re almost guaranteed to play a critical role in any patient’s life at some point. But specialty care is riddled with challenges, from the inability to find a provider to long waiting times for appointments, especially in rural and remote areas. This informative webinar will dive into how to dissolve specialty care obstacles with telemedicine and how Texas panhandle communities, who have some of the highest melanoma rates in the state, were transformed by a Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center teledermatology program.


  1. Gigi Sorenson, RN MSN, Chief Clinical Officer, GlobalMed
  2. Alan D. Sbar, MD, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center –
  3. Charli Grinie, Senior Outreach Worker for the Dept. of Surgery, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center –