The Benefits of Smarter Patient Engagement

Sponsored by Vonage

In the post-pandemic economy, patient and consumer behavior and expectations are continuing to dramatically change, and healthcare organizations are expanding their digital transformation initiatives to meet these expectations. Organizations across all sectors of Healthcare face increased competitive and regulatory pressure to improve these patient experiences, while also improving healthcare efficiency to tackle today’s economic challenges and medical staff shortages.

What’s the solution? Smart AI-driven technology that is deeply integrated into each patient’s communications choices, applications and social media use, that elevates and enriches patient engagement, while improving healthcare workflows, in-person clinic visits, and online telehealth consultations.

Please join us for our special webinar, “The Benefits of Smarter Patient Engagement”, where Vonage leaders will provide informed views on the AI and communications technologies that are now being applied across patient journeys. Vonage provides Communications APIs – software building blocks – to tens of thousands of global organizations, giving Vonage a unique perspective into ongoing application innovation from emerging HealthTech companies through to the largest healthcare providers.

The webinar will discuss:

  • Changing patient expectations across an increasingly broad range of devices, applications, social media, and traditional channels.
  • How a frictionless, omnichannel approach to patient engagement delivers better outcomes by meeting patients where they are across channels, devices and locations.
  • The new role Conversational AI can play throughout the healthcare journey. Learn how today’s no-code intelligent automation tools power patient conversations across speech, messaging and other channels.
  • Best practices to cost-effectively augment and modernize legacy systems, delivering an improved ROI in addition to better patient experiences.


  • Bucky Wallace Vonage
  • Lawrence Byrd, Sr, Director, Communications APIs, Vonage