The Liberation of Virtual Care: How Cybersecurity Enables Consumer-Centered Care

Underlying every virtual care encounter is a web of cybersecurity standards, protocols, information security policies and a team of white hats enabling the consumer experience. Hear from cybersecurity experts on the evolving security landscape for apps and devices used in virtual care, including gaps created during the rapid expansion of telehealth in the pandemic, approaches to evaluating and managing risk on small teams, the challenge of communicating risk to consumers, and strategies needed to balance real-time data and insights to drive user experience against the exponential growth of personal health data exchange. Panelists will also address recent breaches and important pending policy/legislation shaping the future of cybersecurity.


  • Cybersecurity enables virtual care and is fundamental to enabling a positive consumer experience
  • Rapid growth can lead to security gaps
  • A great consumer experience starts with trust
  • Cybersecurity is ever-evolving; the panel will offer practices for engendering consumer trust, evaluating and managing risk and discuss important pending policy/legislation that could impact security practice in healthcare




Jennifer Everett, Partner, Jones Day

















Paul Connelly, Chief Information Security Officer, HCA








Chris Logan, MBA, CISSP, Executive Healthcare Advisor – Global Industries Group, VMware Inc.








Ophir Lotan, Head of Product, TytoCare