The Road to Hybrid Patient Journeys

Over the past year, we have seen an explosion in telehealth, with millions of doctors and patients around the world engaging in remote video consultations. In a post-COVID world, will we simply go back to the way everything was before? Not likely. The way we live and work is forever changed.

In this webinar, we will explore how digital enablement is moving us to hybrid patient journeys and a future where digital and physical moments blend together to improve patient experiences while better optimizing healthcare processes and costs. We will also learn how an expanding range of hybrid use cases, including vaccination management, mental health, home care, wellness programs, and medical team collaboration, are being digitally transformed. Join us to uncover strategies for traveling on this hybrid journey for both patients and medical practitioners.


  • Gain an understanding of how a “Hybrid Patient Journey” approach can reduce costs and improve patient experiences
  • See the digital healthcare use cases that Vonage sees expanding in 2021
  • Get a view of key technology that will enable this new, digital world of healthcare



Lawrence Byrd
Healthcare Technology Evangelist

Lawrence Byrd is a technology evangelist for Communications APIs at Vonage, the world’s most flexible cloud communications platform, where he is particularly focused on the use of live video within Healthcare and Education solutions. Based in Silicon Valley, Lawrence is a long-time communications software expert, previously working as a consultant to start-ups after 12 years at Avaya, and before that as a co-founder of an omnichannel contact center startup.


Jeff Nadler
Chief Information Officer
Teladoc Health
Jeff Nadler oversees enterprise information technology, data and analytics, information security, and infrastructure for all Teladoc Health divisions. Mr. Nadler ensures that Teladoc Health continues to meet all healthcare regulatory requirements, while supporting the company’s growth, by managing high-performing database systems and partnering with Teladoc Health’s business units on IT- and analytics-related revenue generating programs.

Previously serving as chief technology officer for Teladoc Health, Mr. Nadler is adept at developing enterprise-scale, custom-application platforms with proven scalability, performance, security, and reliability.

He brings impressive experience managing architecture, design, and delivery of information technology projects. Nadler has specialized expertise in the healthcare, financial services, and insurance industries, and broad experience building and managing large, high-performing IT teams and driving successful projects to completion.

Mr. Nadler holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Union College. He is a member of the advisory board of Carequality, a key initiative of The Sequoia Project, and is also a member of the NYCTO club.


Rakhee Langer
Vice President
Rakhee Langer leads the business development of patient engagement products under Healow. The patient engagement solutions she directly oversees include the Healow app, online scheduling through Healow open access and the telehealth solutions. With an overall app user count crossing 11 million users, Healow is a strategic initiative of eClinicalworks. She is responsible for the product roadmap, the business development, implementation and support for the Healow products. She is directly involved in defining the strategy, the business goals and the execution of the business plans.

Prior to leading business development for Healow, she led a team of project managers for implementation of the eClinicalWorks EHR/PM solutions for large and medium size practices. Langer holds a Masters degree in Biomedical engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington.