TytoCare Virtual Telehealth Summit: Entering the Era of Telehealth 2.0 - More Than Just Video


Virtually overnight, the global telehealth market rocketed to levels of growth that would have taken years were it not for the COVID-19 pandemic. The expansion of remote care has brought undeniable benefits: more timely care, enhanced chronic disease management, and improved access to care. But navigating such rapid change comes with a unique set of challenges.

To help your organization navigate them, TytoCare is pleased to announce our Telehealth Virtual Summit, “Entering the Era of Telehealth 2.0 – More Than Just Video.” You’ll have the opportunity to hear firsthand about best practices and models for success from best-in-class innovators, providers, and telehealth experts at leading healthcare institutions like Optum Health/United Health GroupSpectrum HealthPrisma HealthChildren’s Health; and top academic systems, such as Johns Hopkins Medicine and University of Miami Health; and many more.

From enhancing virtual primary and urgent care; to improving provider-to-provider care models for schools, senior care, and beyond; to breaking down barriers to care for underserved populations, you won’t want to miss our interactive sessions and networking opportunities. Come for our no-nonsense speakers and panels, leave with the insights and tools you need to take your telehealth program to the next level.