Telehealth Interoperability

A call-to-action for providers, payers, and solution providers to get involved In the drive for telehealth interoperability.

Telehealth has passed the tipping point of market momentum. It is universally understood that telehealth is a necessary form of care delivery to address the supply and demand challenges facing healthcare. The new challenge is scaling telehealth programs. Telehealth services must expand and mature from an exceptional alternative for enhanced patient access in limited-care settings, to integrated routine care across the care continuum that will advance clinical quality and financial sustainability.

To make that happen, the healthcare community must implement available software standards that enable technical interoperability between health IT systems, improve workflow efficiencies, and implement measured accountability. Effectively, the telehealth practice must share the same data repositories, administrative support systems, and governance as in-person practices. The time to make that happen is now.

The ATA, with support from ViTel Net, has launched an industry-wide telehealth interoperability initiative to drive that change.

The ATA telehealth interoperability initiative was launched with a webinar panel discussion of industry experts on January 29, 2019. Further steps include TweetChats, online salon-style discussions, and an in-depth presentation at the ATA19 Conference and Expo, April 14-16 in New Orleans. A comprehensive white paper will also be released at ATA19 to provide a guide on bridging the gap to the future.

NEW White Paper release. Click here for more information and to download the new report.