• ATA’s Provider Telehealth Engagement Model

    Mapping your telehealth journey. Engaging your stakeholders. Improving workforce resilience.


Provider engagement can make or break any telehealth program.

Data should inform your decisions around the deployment of telehealth programs in your delivery system. The ATA’s Provider Telehealth Engagement Model (PTEM) was developed with input from industry experts to facilitate informed strategy, planning and investment discussions to enhance efficiency, identify areas in need of improvement, and develop the right processes to support telehealth adoption.

The Provider Telehealth Engagement Model delivers:

  • Objective assessment of your organizational readiness
  • Practical tool to guide strategic planning, investment discussions and clinical implementation
  • Essential analysis, strategic questions and resources to drive internal planning
  • Objective benchmarking against industry standards to refine internal programs and improve overall performance

Healthcare organizations are using PTEM to identify what needs to change to move to the next level of telehealth implementation. The model identifies the tools you need right now, based on your organization’s stage of development. And, it creates ways to engage your stakeholders.

PTEM is the is the only objective way to assess where your organization is in the effective deployment of telehealth programs – synchronous, asynchronous, remote monitoring – and determine where and how you can improve.

  • For health systems that practically overnight launched telehealth programs in response to COVID-19 and need to understand the potential implications, opportunities and challenges, while reimagining care delivery and the commercial strategy to leverage telehealth as a competitive advantage. 
  • For healthcare organizations looking to improve workforce resilience, reduce provider burnout and staffing turnover, an integrated telehealth program can effectively address these challenges – when integrated successfully, with the right processes in place and appropriate staff training.

The PTEM Customized Report

The Provider Telehealth Engagement Model is built on a framework that factors in a health system’s current culture, clinical approach, and telehealth offerings to map the maturation of a telehealth program. The resulting report is confidential and customized, to help organizations make better-informed decisions to achieve an optimized hybrid patient care solution and address today’s critical challenges, including workforce resilience, provider and patient satisfaction and engagement, and improved safety, quality, cost-effectiveness and accessibility.

Provider engagement is critical to the success of any telehealth offering. Use PTEM to:

  • Articulate the components of a functioning telehealth program
  • Inventory your current telehealth portfolio
  • Engage in strategic internal discussions to map the telehealth maturation journey 
  • Make informed decisions about the role telehealth could and should play in your organization
  • Explore the financial and clinical benefits in further investing in your telehealth program
  • Check progress against internal goals to improve workforce resilience, provider satisfaction, access, and quality of care


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