Beyond the Pandemic – The Virtual Care Stack

The pandemic forced health systems to rapidly deliver some form of virtual care to their patients, even if it was just two-way video. During this chaotic time, leadership could not test out multiple strategies or create a data-driven plan for their telemedicine offerings.

Now that health systems have a couple years of experience and data to pull from, there has been a strategic shift regarding care models — mainly the increased value of virtual care, development of hybrid care models, and enhanced provider and patient experiences. The result is a further optimization of healthcare delivery, with virtual care complementing in-person visits.

This webinar covered:

  • How health systems’ use of virtual care has evolved in the last few years and what their biggest takeaways have been
  • What a successful virtual care launch and implementation means to health systems — Intermountain Healthcare, HCA Healthcare, Banner Health, and Concentra
  • How health system leaders approach choosing a virtual care partner
  • What Banner Health has learned from implementing virtual care nearly overnight at the start of the pandemic to becoming more intentional with their strategy after 2020’s madness